Careers Week at West Walker: Primary Engineers!

This week our children have been hard at work taking part in the Leaders Award Competition from Primary Engineer. For the competition pupils had to identify a problem that affects them, their peers or the whole world and then design an invention to help solve that problem!

To learn more about what an engineer does, our whole school had an interview with a real life Lego engineer called James who gave us all some information about what an engineer does and the kind of skills they might use on a daily basis. 

Inspired by our conversation with James, pupils set about designing their own inventions to solve some of the problems they might face in daily life. Winners of the competition have the chance for their inventions to be made for real! 

Last year our Year 6 class entered the competition with lots of designs earning merit and distinction grades and three pupil designs that earned high commendations. They included: 

  • An anti-tilt chair that children couldn’t swing on 
  • A fidget ring for pupils with ADHD 
  • A pencil case that had space to include all the items you would need when starting high school. 

This year we’re hoping for even more commended designs. Some of the excellent designs from this year include: 

  • A water bottle with built in storage for your personal belongings 
  • An ADHD chair
  • A robot that can scan SATs test results and tell you if they’re right or wrong (please note, it definitely doesn’t tell you the answers) 
  • An eco-friendly attachment to your compost bin that calculates how much compost you’ve generated

All of our designs have been submitted and we wait eagerly to see if any of the winners come from West Walker Primary! You can see some more of our competition entries below.