School Meals

Packed Lunches

Dinner Money

Children from Reception – Year 2 don’t pay for school meals as they are either covered under free school meal entitlement or universal school meal scheme.

  1. Payment for School Meals must be made every Monday for the week: £2.10 per day for Nursery (£10.50 full week) and £2.20 per day for KS1 and KS2 (£11.00 full week).
  2. Please ensure that the exact money is in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and the total amount paid written onto the envelope.
  3. No change will be given; it will be carried forward as a credit towards your child’s meals for the following week.
  4. Please let your child know if they are staying for lunch or having packed lunch for the rest of the week so that it can be marked in the register.

This will enable staff to communicate this information to the kitchen effectively ensuring meals are prepared for the week.

Non payment will mean that your child will either have to bring a packed lunch or will be sent home for their dinner.