World Book Day 2024

This week, along with schools in more than 100 different countries around the world, we’re celebrating World Book Day!

At West Walker Primary School, we are passionate about the power of reading and encourage our pupils to read daily. World Book Day is a wonderful way to excite children about all the different kinds of books available, from fantasy to factual, classics to comics, there really is something for everyone!

This week we will be delving into the world of books with some fantastic activities including:

  • Children bringing their favourite book into school.
  • Children dressing up as their favourite character, with the best costume winning an extra world book day token!
  • Completing a book review of your favourite book.
  • Take part in the Travelling Book Story each class writing a different part of a story throughout the day.
  • Short story readings from every teacher
  • Visiting the book fair

During the day, we also had our school bell ring at random moments throughout the day.

On the first bell, the children stopped what they were doing and read their book, making sure every child had a book with them at all times!

All pupils also enjoyed a special world book day lesson delivered by our teachers.

Reading is not only important for learning, but is also a wonderful hobby. Helping pupils become enthusiastic learners is a goal we forever strive towards at NEAT Academy Trust, and World Book Day is a great opportunity to celebrate this across all our schools. We’d like to thank parents and our local community for all their support in encouraging reading and learning beyond the classroom, and our amazing staff for putting on so many fun activities!