Meet Our Local Governing Committee

Angela Campbell

Trust Member (LGC Vice-Chair)

I am Angela Campbell. I am married with two daughters and have a one-year-old grandson. I was a teacher for many years; I am now a lecturer in English at Northumbria University, working with students who wish to become teachers. I am also involved with schools across Newcastle where I support staff with literacy development. My prime interest is reading, both in helping children to become efficient, keen readers and as my own favourite hobby.

Peter Carter

Trust Member (LGC Chair)

I’m Peter Carter and I am the Chair of the Local Governing Committee. I’ve been involved with the Governing Body of West Walker School for around 15 years. I have lived in the East End of the city all of my life and I find that being a school governor is a really enjoyable and fulfilling way of being involved in the local community and helping to support the education and future prospects of the young people in the area.

Nichola Draper


I have been Headteacher at West Walker Primary School since 2005. I started teaching in 1982 and worked as a teacher and Deputy Headteacher in several schools across N. Tyneside before moving to Walker. Between 2003 and 2006 I also worked part-time as a lecturer in Primary Maths at Northumbria University. I enjoy music, seaside walks and afternoon tea! I love working with the children, staff and whole community at West Walker Primary School and thoroughly enjoy being part of the NEAT team. Together we strive for a happy, vibrant and successful school.